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Charlevoix Éco-Mobilité – e-Bike & Bicycle Rentals, Pedicab & Motorcycle Sidecar Tours

There is nothing more exiting than to discover the beauty of the Chalevoix region at the rhythm of its tides, without any complicationsand in complete freedom! On the road to a greener planet. Charlevoix Éco-Mobilitébecomes a pioneer offering a playful, respectful, and rich experience. There is nothing left to do but to put it wheels! From its coasts to the borders with the country behind us, Charlevoix’s region holds many secrets to the ones that know how look and listen carefully. On a bicycle, a pedicab, or amotorcycle; in a trip by yourself or with a guide, you will encounter Charlevoix’s landscape, its territory and its people. This way you will discover all the secrets of a rich and inspiring region at the heart of the world’s reservoir of the biosphere.

Charlevoix Éco-Mobilité et le Train du Massif en vidéo