Our Team

We Serve You in French, English and Spanish.

Elizabeth Ossandon

Charlevoix Éco-Mobilité co-founder Elizabeth is passionate about travel, culture and people. The very spirit of our business, her experiences in Chile and Québec make her an excellent ambassador for the Charlevoix region.

François Gariépy

Charlevoix Éco-Mobilité’s other co-founder François is also passionate about travel, culture and people, not to mention electric vehicles and more particularly e-bikes. His skills and expertise are in international and tourist development.

Chloé Gosselin

Winter and summer alike, Chloé has been a Charlevoix tour guide since 2009. Also passionate about psycho-sociology and contemporary shamanism, her biggest joy is living and working amid Charlevoix’s wild kingdom, be it outdoor or indoor, and sharing it with others.