Taxi Rides


De l’Hôtel La Ferme au quai de Baie-Saint-Paul, aller retour environ 50 minutes. 1 personne 45$Si 2 personnes  35$ par personne+ 1 enfant gratuit 
De l’hôtel La ferme au centre ville de Baie-Saint-Paul. Aller simple. 5$ par personne+ 1 enfant gratuit

Rickshaw, pousse-pousse, triporteur…The origen of the pedicab has many different roots in the world. But is here in Cherlevoix that its energy and comfort comes to a higher level.The electrical pedicab is the ideal vehicle to let yourself be taken to the heart of the most magnificent landscapes, where history has so much to say.Our drivers will be your expert guides which will provide you with a rich experience full of discoveries and knowledge, which can be offer to you in three languages; French, English and Spanish.The legends, anecdotes, and the many pages of history are share with you during a wisely designed journey between the coast and the neighborhoods full of history.Our yellow pedicabs are equipped to protect its passengers from the sun, the rain, and the cold weather.

There is no reason then not to enjoy a great trip!!

Maximum Occupancy: 3 passengers (2 adults, 1 minor/child)